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The SOLVE Story

SOLVE at ASB is a learning initiative of the American School of Bombay. By engaging all students, PreK to Grade 12 as well as staff and the wider community of parents and NGO partners, SOLVE provides an inclusive opportunity to strengthen connections among peers across grade levels and disciplines.

A Design Thinking Experience

Inspired by an MIT initiative of the same name, SOLVE at ASB is a school-wide, semi-annual, week-long design thinking experience that gives students agency to tackle relevant, real world issues, and see their prototypes through to implementation. 


Design thinking—at the core of the SOLVE at ASB experience—is not new to ASB.  The school celebrates a tradition of innovation and leadership in teaching and learning that has earned the respect of peer institutions for over a decade, and instructional staff often apply the process of design thinking to core curricula—particularly in science and art classrooms, innovation labs, and maker spaces. 

SOLVE at ASB is unique in that prototypes are student-led, collaborative across grade levels and disciplines, aim to solve real-world challenges, and include testing and implementation. To highlight design thinking's non-linear, iterative process, facilitators will create an ongoing feedback loop where students can review past prototypes, offer input, and make improvements over time.    

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