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FALL 2022

The inaugural SOLVE at ASB event was held in November, and began with a challenge statement—a prompt to foster creative discussion and identify the broad topics the students would go on to explore: “How do we build the ASB Community back, stronger than ever?”

Watch the video recap below…

“After the experience of the past two years, we have an urgent and exciting opportunity to rebuild our ‘community muscle’.”

—Dr. Paul Richards, Head of School 

SOLVE at ASB—Fall 2022

The Prompt: How do we build the ASB Community back, stronger than ever?


Secondary School

Middle and High School students selected the topic that best matched their interests, and were grouped in diverse, multi-grade, six-to-seven person teams—with one faculty collaborator assigned to each. Within those teams, students self-identified in roles of Project Coordinator, Design Historian, and Chief Storyteller.


Elementary School

To make SOLVE at ASB truly a school wide experience, all students were given the same challenge statement, at the same time. On the Elementary School Campus, protocols and resources were adapted to suit learning levels, and students collaborated within their own classroom groups.

Featured Prototypes

SOLVE 1.0 Personas

Experience Highlights

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