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The second SOLVE at ASB event was held in May. For this edition, students moved the focus outside the school walls to create solutions for the larger community. From the Secondary School experience, five teams were chosen to pitch their prototypes to a Shark Tank style panel of distinguished guest judges.

Watch the video below…

“It was wonderful to see such high levels of energy and engagement across all grade levels. The campus was absolutely buzzing."

—Evelyn Marolf, Secondary Associate Principal

SOLVE at ASB—Spring 2023

How do we extend our strong sense of community beyond the walls of ASB?


Secondary School

In the Secondary School, SOLVE 2.0 meant expanding student voice and choice even further. Students self-selected teams within five broad topics to address wider community concerns: Inequality, Pollution, Education, Life on Land, and Sanitation. Of the fifty prototypes created during the day-long event, five finalists were chosen to pitch their solutions to a panel of judges made up of community business leaders.


Elementary School

On the Elementary School Campus, as always, protocols and resources were adapted to suit learning levels and curriculum, and students collaborated within their own classroom groups. For this edition, students were inspired by the school's NGO partners to extend the ASB core values beyond the school walls using strategies from design thinking.

Featured Prototypes

SOLVE 2.0 Personas

Experience Highlights

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