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Azaadi Se Jiyo—Live with Freedom

Introducing "Azaadi Se Jiyo" - the prototype which aims to break the stigma surrounding menstruation, address period poverty, and empower individuals to live with freedom and dignity.

The Problem

Surrounding menstruation products:

  • Price

  • Lack of awareness

  • Stigma

  • Using dangerous alternatives

Proposed Solution

"Azaadi Se Jiyo" meaning "live with freedom" is a transformative initiative that seeks to provide easy access to personal sanitation items like pads and tampons across Dharavi, a slum in Mumbai and the largest in the world.

In addition to breaking barriers and defying societal taboos, "Azaadi Se Jiyo" addresses the pressing issue of period poverty, where individuals face limited access to menstrual products due to financial constraints. By providing these essential items through mobile distribution centers, this initiative promotes equality, inclusivity, and the fundamental right to menstrual health.

Group Members

Prarthana, Saaliha, and Miyu

This prototype team was chosen as one of five finalists to participate in the SOLVE 2.0 Shark Tank showcase with a judging panel of business leaders from the community.


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