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Partnering with Pollinate Energy

Introducing "Partnering with Pollinate Energy" – a groundbreaking SOLVE 2.0 Shark Tank Edition prototype presentation that aims to revolutionize the clean energy landscape. By forging a strategic alliance with Pollinate Energy, students are set to bring their innovative solar lights to the bustling city of Mumbai.

The Problem

Kerosene lamps contribute 15% of air pollution, 680 times the CO2 of other sources, and cause 700,000 premature deaths in India.

Proposed Solution

Their mission is twofold: to empower women in low-income communities and combat the adverse effects of kerosene pollution. Through this unique partnership, they envision women becoming valued sellers and representatives of Pollinate Energy's solar lights.

Moreover, the introduction of solar lights will tackle the pollution caused by kerosene, a prevalent energy source in these areas. By replacing kerosene with clean, renewable energy, we can significantly reduce carbon emissions and create a healthier environment for all. "Partnering with Pollinate Energy" represents a powerful intersection of environmental sustainability, economic empowerment, and community upliftment.

Group Members

Schenelle, Navya, and Rinali

This prototype team was chosen as one of five finalists to participate in the SOLVE 2.0 Shark Tank showcase with a judging panel of business leaders from the community


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