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KG Dog Houses

The KG class was inspired by a visit to the Welfare of Stray Dogs to prototype dog houses for strays …

Challenge Statement

How do we extend our strong sense of community beyond the walls of ASB?

Project Summary

The KG action was inspired by an NGO visit in connection with a unit on How The World Works. Students had an off-campus visit to the Welfare of Stray Dogs, where they even had the opportunity to read books to the animals. After the visit, the students expressed interest in designing and building homes and toys for stray cats and dogs outside the walls of ASB. Students took time to brainstorm, prototype, and then test their solutions on Frankie, ASB's on-campus learning dog. The house was too small for Frankie, so students went back to the drawing board!

Group members

KG Class of 2035

Photo Gallery

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